About Us

Gallagher Property Management has been managing investment properties in the Rochester area for over 15 years.

We do it all.  From low income single family homes to multi unit houses and complexes.  Our management area covers all of Rochester and the suburbs within Monroe County.  We will also manage and maintain commercial units, college units, rent to own, and rooming houses.  Gallagher Property Management staff is very knowledgeable in foreclosures, estates, tax sales, and short term home ownership “flipping”.  Quite often, we are offered “private homes for sale” and wholesale opportunities.  Gallagher Property Management will (at no charge) inspect any home that our current investor(s) are looking to purchase.   We are not “licensed” home inspectors.  However, we have inspected thousands of homes/buildings.  You will get our “unbiased” opinion.  This opinion is from the management perspective where we will share current issues that we find and issues that will have to be addressed in the future.  We can do it all for your peace of mind.

Fully Staffed and Insured

We are fully staffed to handle all of your questions. Gallagher Property Management has full time office staff members and full time maintenance workers.  We handle all repairs and major rehabs.  We process all paperwork, including DSS, Section 8, and various other income sources. We are fully insured with liability and workman’s comp.  We follow all state and federal laws when it comes to taxation and employment.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Our wide scope of our management services encompasses both residential and commercial real estate. Whether you are a local owner, out of state or even located outside of the United States you can be comfortable knowing that our trained staff is managing your real estate assets here in Rochester, NY.